• Hard Shell Triconium (TM) Clamshell Case for the ultimate bike protection
  • Now in Black for more dirt hiding benefits
  • 7 Heavy Duty straps running top to bottom and side to side with buckles sewn to 2″ wide straps to ensure the Iron Case stays closed.
  • Feet enabling you to stand the Iron Case upright.
  • UPS and Fed Ex approved size.
  • 31 pound lightweight design for lower shipping costs.
  • With an 18 pound bike, can meet American Airlines weight limit of 50 pounds and qualify as checked luggage.
  • 3 Layers of 2” energy absorbing foam to protect your bike.
  • 7 straps to keep your Iron Case securely closed.
  • front fork and rear triangle spreader to keep frame intact at its most vulnerable points.
  • Sturdy steel and rubber composite wheels for years of long life.
  • Wheel attachments set inside box structure for protection.
  • Sturdy buckle with holes for the option to lock it (but not for airlines!)

Iron case Parts

  • Monster Buckle Male & Female (Female Must Be Sewn) 51-023 $9.50. Warning – current buckle might not match yours as our suppliers have changed over the years. We recommend buying the connected strap with attached buckle. Or know you might have to sew the new buckle on to the female end.
  • Long Strap With Buckle 51-022  And Anchor Pin $22
  • Short Strap With Buckle And Anchor Pin 51-021 $20
  • Anchor Pin For Straps 51-025 $1.00
  • Square Foot with hardware 51-042  $8.50
  • Round Foot with Hardware 51-043  $8.50
  • Wheel with Hardware 51-041  $20.00
  • Fork Spreader Assembly 7” Front/Rear  51-050 $18.00
  • Foam Set (3 piece 2” foam only) 51-030  $160.00
  • Individual 2″ Foam 51-031 $60.00
  • Top Replacement Shell (No Hardware or Straps) 51-011  $160
  • Bottom Replacement Shell (No Hardware or Straps) 51-010  $160
  • 2019 Lock Assembly with strap, 2 assemblies – top and bottom (Lock Not Included) 51-061  $24
  • 2019 Lock Assembly with strap, 1 assembly – one side (Lock Not Included) 51-060  $14
  • Grab Handle 51-026  $10

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Email Us or call to buy now. Price is $589 + Taxes & Shipping.

History & Founder George Yates



Visionary father George Yates Jr. secures the original patent on the 5 gallon plastic bucket everyone uses today. Plastic bucket was designed to replace metal floor wax containers. This was the beginning of the growth of the plastics industry and George Yates Jr. was interested in plastics.


George Yates Jr. helps design and manufactures a flexible plastic fender in partnership with champion motocross/off-road motorcycle racer Preston Petty for use on motorcycles.


Son George R. Yates is a Category 1 Bicycle Racer in California.


George R. Yates competes in the first of 13 Hawaii Ironman Triathlons.


George R. Yates finishes 7th in the Hawaii Ironman Triathlon.


He finishes 8th in the World Championship, Nice France and is ranked #9 in the world by The Association of Professional Triathletes.


Rheumatoid Arthritis attacks George R. Yates’ body and he spends the year in recovery. The story of his recovery is highlighted in 3/89 Readers Digest story titled “Heart of an Ironman”. After recovery, George is not able to sit on typical hard Italian bicycle saddles. Father George Yates Jr. creates saddle padding gel called Memo-Flex enabling George and thousands of other cyclists to use traditionally uncomfortable bicycle saddles.
This would be the beginning of many years of success for Trico in selling gel filled saddles, gloves, shorts and even Fellowes computer keyboards in addition to Iron Case soft cover and hard cover travel cases.


George R. Yates travels across the country and Europe as a professional triathlete carrying his bicycles in the Iron Case Soft Case. It didn’t provide enough protection for the expensive bikes transported on airlines, so his father George Yates Jr. went to work again to design a safer case.


George R Yates expands his retail network as the Southern California sales representative for Ross Labs’ Exceed energy products and sales representative for Trico products.


The first Iron Case hard case was introduced becoming the best selling hard cover case among traveling athletes in the world.


George R. Yates starts personal trainer services to triathletes and motorcycle racers.


Trico introduces the Split Rail Adjustable saddle


George R. Yates starts interactive video personal training services which he continues to do today.


TricoSports celebrates 5,000 retail partners selling products ranging from Memo-Flex saddles to Iron Case bicycle cases.


George Yates Jr. dies, George R. Yates downsizes the company and drops the Memo-Flex production due to increased EPA regulation and Asian competition.


Trico Iron Case upgrades components including stronger buckles and straps.


Iron Case manufacturing continues but marketing is postponed as George R. Yates recovers from a serious motorcycle racing accident.


With a new name, Fitmore Iron Case embarks on a new marketing program including new mobile ready WordPress site, social media campaigns, outbound retail efforts, and related  promotions.

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Organizations Supported by Fitmore

Ride through your disabilities! The founder of the Iron Case overcame Rheumatoid Arthritis in 1984 to compete in multiple Hawaii Ironman Triathlons and is currently in recovery from a stroke as the result of a broken neck from a Baja motorcycle race accident.

Cycle Nation is part of American Stroke Foundation.

The Police Unity Tour raises awareness for officers fallen in the line of duty. Funds raised by the organization is donated to The National Law Enforcement Officer Memorial Fund; $2 million in 2022 alone! The Police Unity Tour is also the sponsor of the National Law Enforcement Museum’s Hall of Remembrance.

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